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I can say this with a considerable amount of confidence and insight given that I am raising a 10-year-old daughter who is in fifth grade.Now, don’t get me wrong, many in my generation developed faster than our parents were ready for.What’s here and right now is my daughter’s entrance into puberty at 10 years old and the countless girls in her age group who are already B-cup deep in the process.What’s here and right now is the question of how much they know about dating, relationships and sex and how well-equipped they are by the adults in their life to navigate these realms.

I’m not saying having a boyfriend is bad or anything because they support you too, but knowing that I have somebody in my family that doesn’t need a man to help her out — knowing that she can do it by herself — means that I can do it by myself and that I don’t need anybody to tell me that 'I can do it' and stuff like that; I can tell myself that.Syreeta: Do you ever find yourself wanting to date? No, because I don’t completely understand the world of dating, but yeah because I want to experience it one day.I don’t think I’m missing out on anything: I got me, myself and I, and my family, but I do want to experience what it’s like to know about love.Put your own judgments, worries and feelings aside, and be sure to LISTEN to UNDERSTAND. Arionna: Dating means going somewhere or doing something with someone to get to know them better so you could maybe create a life with them and have fun and know who's right for you and who’s wrong.And knowing what age you need to start letting other people in your life.

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