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For requests with ACROSS fields but no BY fields, the set command is ignored, and the ACROSS titles are not moved.

The syntax is: Using the SET ACRSVRBTITL command, you can control the display of an ACROSS column title in an ACROSS group.

To reset the expiration date, rerun the report to create new output which has no expiration date.

The syntax is: The ARPASSWORD parameter enables you to set a password that is required to view HTML active report output.

Column calculations are not affected by compressing the report lines.

Column titles and page headings are displayed only at the beginning of the report and page footings only at the end of the report.

The syntax is: The ACCESSIBLE parameter generates report output in HTML code that is compliant with Section 508-level accessibility requirements.

The syntax is: The ACROSSPRT parameter reduces the number of report lines within each in a request that uses the PRINT command and an ACROSS phrase.

With a left outer join, all records from the host file display on the report output.

If a cross-referenced segment instance does not exist for a host segment instance, the report output displays missing values for the fields from the cross-referenced segment.

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