Catfishing online dating definition

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But after she talked with her parents, her family decided the best course of action was to alert local law enforcement.

The police informed Wolf that her webcam and computer had indeed been compromised.“Apparently, this person had hacked one of my friend’s Facebook accounts and anyone who clicked on a specific link downloaded malware that allowed him access to their email, webcams, and social media accounts," Wolf says.

He told Heather she was beautiful, smart, and funny, and he listened to her problems.

Over the course of several months, Dan went from being the perfect friend and confidante to positioning himself as the perfect lover.“After a month of exchanging intense messaging several times a day, Dan asked me for a more revealing photo,” Heather says.

“By then, our conversations had gone from friendly chats to sexting.”At first she hesitated.

“They gain their victim’s trust by providing a sympathetic ear and by using overt attention, flattery, and charm.”Many victims blame themselves.To complicate matters, she and her husband of 11 years were going through a rough patch in their marriage.Feeling depressed and alone, Heather turned to Twitter as a social outlet.The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) classifies sextortion as a form of online blackmail where explicit images are used to extort additional photos, sexual favors, and sometimes money from victims.It can involve hacking into a victim’s computer or “catfishing” — where predators lure unsuspecting victims into online relationships and coerce them into sharing nude photos or videos.

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