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“There is of course not a note in the grave saying ‘Here lies Ulv’, but the time and place fit and the burial is consistent with that of someone the king would want to honour.” No way to know for sure Nielsen conceded that his theory may be nothing more than a hopeful guess.“All we can do today is speculate, but someone wanted to honour the great hero who lies there, whose name we unfortunately may never know,” he said.

I Vesthimmerland finder du golfbaner til et hvert niveau.

Small is beautiful - amulets in the National Museum of Copenhagen Tine Bagh Until 13 September 2009 the National Museum in Copen hagen presents a special exhibition of amulets from its collections, including also some items on loan from the Thorvaldsen Museum.

The use and significance of amulets is described as well as the underlying theme: the preservation of life, symbolised in the exhibition by an undulating red band on the walls and a recorded heartbeat. On Saint Marina of Bithynia Annette Lerstrup Tales of monks of the female sex began to appear in manuscripts of the 6 th and 7 th centuries.

årgang nr Det store grønne Lise Manniche 14 Ægyptiske kongenavne Kim Ryholt 26 Småt er godt ægyptiske amuletter på Nationalmuseet Tine Bagh 34 Munken Marina. Being conventionally translated as the sea, the expression seems more accurately to refer to freshwater, i.e. The subject has been hotly debated in the past, but refraining from including all the available evidence will not help clarify the issue.

Om den hellige Marina fra Bithynien Annette Lerstrup 40 Skriverskolen i Ramesseum Lise Manniche 42 Boganmeldelse Mogens Jørgensen 44 Siden sidst Annette Lerstrup og Lise Manniche OM FORFATTERNE Tine Bagh er Carlsbergstipendiat på Glyptoteket Mogens Jørgensen er museumsinspektør på Glyptoteket Annette Lerstrup er cand. The article presents some of Vandersleyen s argumentation which deserves an audience wider than exclusively French-speaking, academic circles.

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