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He came to Kentucky after spending two years on Bobby Petrino’s staff at Louisville.Thomas became a BBN favorite for trolling Louisville fans on Twitter.Trying to be Sex and the City for guys, only not clever and not funny.I will say the three main leads do have chemistry, and you instantly believe they are friends.Now Stoops needs to fill two assistant coaching positions, one on offense and one on defense, prior to the 2018 season.For those speculating as to why Thomas was let go: In a statement, Mark Stoops had this to say after Thomas’ contract was not renewed: “I appreciate the contributions Lamar made to our program during the last two years,” Stoops said.But the jokes are pretty much thrown down are throats, not to mention dramatic moments also.Unlike The Best Man Holiday(2013) which balanced the comedy and drama perfectly, this film doesn't do it well at all.

The three best friends are determined to stay single together and just have fun.See more » I was so unsettled by this movie, I walked out before it ended, To the point I just didn't care, even though it was getting close to the end, But I was tortured enough.Identity Thief(2013) is an Oscar winner compared to this.It's a lame attempt to make a film for couples who like comedies, I'll tell you this save your money and go rent He's Just Not That Into(2009) instead. Jordan why are you in this, you have proved to be better than this, you deserve better.Has for Zac Efron, after seeing you in this, I think your 15 minutes of fame are about up.

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