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In 1223, Japanese Zen master Dōgen Kigen recorded on Shōbōgenzō that he saw monks in China clean their teeth with brushes made of horsetail hairs attached to an oxbone handle. 18,653) in the United States, but mass production in the United States did not start until 1885.The bristle toothbrush spread to Europe, brought from China to Europe by travellers. While in prison he decided that using a rag with soot and salt on the teeth was ineffective and could be improved. The improved design had a bone handle with holes bored into it for the Siberian boar hair bristles.The same is the case with respect to the wire diameter.

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Any electric toothbrush with movement faster than this limit can be classified as an ultrasonic toothbrush.This corresponds to the space between two teeth that is just sufficient for the brush to go through without bending the wire.The color of the brushes differs between producers.There is evidence that after tooth brushing with a conventional tooth brush, interdental brushes remove more plaque than dental floss.which is a number between 0 (small space between teeth) and 8 (large space), indicates the passage hole diameter.

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    Mexican Squiers MN: M = Mexico, N = Nineties (1990s), the first number following the serial number prefix is the year.

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