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In fact, it has the highest oxidation potential of any commercially available molecule and the fourth highest overall with an oxidation potential of 2.07 volts (V).

Above it, in terms of oxidation potential, are atomic fluorine (F•, 2.87 V), the hydroxyl radical (•OH, 2.86 V) and atomic oxygen (O•, 2.42 V).

SRB in these areas convert the HS into sulfuric acid, which then begins a destructive reaction with the infrastructure.

Sulfuric acid is also a byproduct of anaerobic SRB – one of the primary causes of corrosion in collections systems.By treating for peak values with chemicals such as these, excess nitrate will likely be present and actively added to the wastewater, requiring additional denitrification processes or fines, both of which can be very expensive.An issue with all chemicals is that, to introduce them to a collection system, a bulk quantity must be stored nearby.Vapor phase treatments like scrubbers do not provide corrosion control.Some of the liquid phase techniques offer corrosion control.

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