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One of our most successful Special Reports ever, it was a bell that was heard around the internet as many readers scrambled to see what our thoughts were on this landmark in the modern line. ) The Special Report even struck a chord with other Star Wars fan sites and you can find similar columns on the very same subject at their respective sites.It certainly got a lot of people thinking and we thought that it was a great time to update the status of where we are exactly a year later.Read More Jay-Z’s recently released album has been dominating the headlines, mainly for its personal revelations regarding the rapper’s relationship with Beyonce.

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Lee directed a video for Stew, the singer-songwriter-playwright, whose band The Negro Problem has released a new song called ‘Klown Wit Da Nuclear Code’ – a pointed commentary of Donald Trump’s presidency.The Central Park Five were a group of teenagers who were wrongfully convicted of assaulting and raping investment banker Trisha Meili in 1989.The trial and publicity was an important event in American history due to the maelstrom of racially charged discourse around crime and punishment that emerged in its wake.The Universe section is the official destination for the latest info on the characters, weapons, locations, and more from the Halo fiction.Whether a new fan or long-time lore lover, there’s always something to explore.

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