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She even has time to make a joke about the wedding cake and to tell Don Lorenzo he will do great as she knows how good he is at carving a turkey.Who says you can’t have fun while you’re laying on the floor bleeding to death?Silvia talks about the honeymoon and how beautiful it is going to be.When Pepa is about to grab for the bullet in Silvia’s abdomen, Silvia starts to panic and tells her no.Others are shot too, but how cares, Silvia is hurt!Mariano comes up with the brilliant idea to go talk to the Mafia guys to make them stop shooting.It’s time for food so everyone goes to the dining room and sits down at a huge table where the celebration dinner is about to start.

Yes, that’s what I’d get someone as a wedding present too.

Silvia being a doctor is advising them how to best deal with her injuries.

She tells Pepa to find some scissors so they can cut open her wedding dress.

Luckily, happiness is allowed to continue for just a little while longer.

Silvia throws her bouquet into the crowd and Rita catches it, while Pepa’s flowers are caught by Mariano.

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    It doesn’t matter how passionate the sex with the ‘other man’ in her life is, she is not leaving her husband.

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    Lawrence and Linda head to an antiques convention, leaving Phineas, Ferb, and Candace at their grandparents' small cottage. A traffic camera in the neighborhood gives Candace photographic proof of her brothers' activities, but Agent P is sent on a mission to destroy those same pictures. Phineas and Ferb help their friend Django impress his artist father by painting the unpainted desert. Doofenshmirtz tries to impress his old evil science teacher, Dr. Guest voice: Joel Grey as Beppo Brown and Jennifer Grey as Dr. Phineas and Ferb are inspired by their dad's favorite kids show to create a cartoon with super-powered versions of themselves and their friends.

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