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With their stunts and live performances, the total number of people that attended their concert is 2 million.

Even though this might make things awkward for the 2 Kis-my-ft2 members, it did not turn out that way. In 2010 they once again held concerts, this time with the title Kis-My-Ftに010 逢えるde Show. They got to do CM for dwango.jp, where they also released two digital singles: "Fire Beat" and "Inori". It announced that they were to have their debut in May under Avex. They played the Playzone 2009, which until then had always been performed by Shōnentai. On February 12, 2011, during their concert they got a brown envelope to open during the MC.Tamamori was sad for sometime, but it seems like there are no grudges between them. If Tamamori is the one dating then the internet will probably explode, judging by the viewership of my previous article.My stats have never seen such heights, not even Sousenkyo….

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    Peter Mansfield-Clark, a director of the charity Crawley Open House, based near Gatwick airport, explains: 'These people take a rucksack with them with a change of clothes.

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