Updating a motherboard

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Restart your computer and tap delete to get into the BIOS. It will prompt you for confirmation that you got the right file. The update will continue on its own and eventually the system will restart. Note that sometimes a new BIOS will have new settings. Once you're done updating the settings, go to the Tool menu again. Then go to to the Profile Name field and put in the current date (I usually use the format MM-DD-YYYY). You want to be tapping from right when you hear the POST beep indicating the system has started normally. Once the system restarts, you'll want to go back into the BIOS again to restore your settings. Go down to the Save to Profile selection and press enter to save to that profile. There's not very many of those types of problems, so if you're not sure, give us a call and ask. Plug that into one of the USB ports in the back of the computer.So now that we've got that covered, you've come to us, we've recommended updating the BIOS. You'll also want to have your BIOS screenshots on hand.This is frustrating, as it hides what particular changes were made in a BIOS update.

(Bit of a warning here, if you're using an "X79" or "Rampage IV" motherboard, you might need to go a different route upgrading due to the ROM format to CAP format conversion. Check with your support rep if your motherboard has either "X79" or "Rampage IV" in the name of your motherboard.) Here comes the fun part. It's possible the BIOS might show a promp saying "Press F1 to enter setup". Once in the BIOS, go through all of the settings and make sure they match!cat=Download&os=BIOSHmm, seems Asrock calls it Instant Flash.cat=BIOS8 One of the best French door fridges we've tested A good-looking fridge with useful features like an auto-filling water pitcher and a temperature-adjustable "Flex Zone" drawer.Scroll down a bit and you'll see a list of your BIOS screenshots, as well as a link to download them all as a zip file.You won't need these now, but you'll want to save them to another computer/cell phone or print them so that you have them on hand later.

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