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The groundbreaking programme was the first to offer viewers a chance to win a million pound prize, even if it was rarely ever reached, and became a major hit around the world.

The contestant may quit at any time and keep their earnings.

Allegations of a fix (unsubstantiated, to our eyes) raged in the newspapers because the episode happened to coincide with the final ever episode of the popular situation comedy One Foot in the Grave on rival channel BBC 1.

The question Judith answered to win the money was: Which king was married to Eleanor of Aquitaine?

Yes, he was annoying when he took about a minute before telling the contestant know that they had now won "... ", but that's the point - no-one else in the business could have built up this suspense. Putting the easy-to-pick-up format and the host aside for one moment, it's clear that some T. " song - so famous, we can't remember what film it appears in.

[High Society - Ed.] There was even some extremely nice Pet Shop Boys-esque background music while the contestants pondered about the questions, with deep, gothic-sounding choirs intermixed with high-pitched electronic arpeggios.

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